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Note frum Loki about free promo:

Where No Cat Has Gone Before
Where No Cat Has Gone Before

I gived away moar books da first promo day than I expected. Hooray!

I gets 4 moar days to give away free books before da 18th of August (according to Amazon rules). I will do it again after I has sum reviews, whether they good or bad. (IF I has reviews!)

Also according to Amazon rules I can’t gives it away or sell it anywhere else for a long time.

But you can gets free Kindle version if you buys one of da books. There is a Black and White one and a Color one.

<3 Loki

Note from Primate:

The chance I will close my studio on June 16th has gone from around 50% to 99% since I started on that path last November. What I mean by closing the studio is I’ll be moving away from handmade items and swag. I’m no longer taking custom orders on or off Etsy.

I still have piles of unlisted Animinis. Let Loki know on Twitter, Facebook, Google or Etsy if you want me to look for and list (at a discount) a pendant that matches your cat’s colors. I’m not closing the shop but I won’t be making anything new.

Noo Book Free, One Day Only

Note frum Loki:

Read mai noo book for free on Kindle dis holiday weekend! No coupon needed or anyfing!

Has Fraidy innit. He an unlucky black cat inna Red Shirt.  See moar in hooman English below!

<3 Loki

Where No Cat Has Gone Before
Where No Cat Has Gone Before

Released this week, Loki the Cat, Volume 1, Where No Cat Has Gone Before will be free to download from Amazon for ONE DAY!

Grab your copy May 23 starting at midnight PST! It will not be available at any other retailer for several months.

What about international?
The Kindle free promo should be available worldwide, so from midnight PST on Friday, May 23 you can get your free copy at Amazon.co.uk, Amazon Canada, Amazon Mexico, Amazon Australia and any other Worldwide Amazon side.

About the book:
Loki plans to spend his weekend eating pizza and playing Kibble Kick, but when a Space Ogre’s Henchmonkeys steal Fraidy’s balloon he ends up boredly going where no cat has gone before. To make matters worse, he’s forgotten to get Mayday a present for Love Day.

Will he have to choose between his friend and his girl?

Loki the Cat is a Science Fiction Chapter Book Adventure Series written and illustrated by a mother and son team. They are designed to be read aloud before bed or silently by children experienced with chapter books. This is the full color edition of volume one.