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August 17: Black Cat Appreciation Day

Black cats love az much az othur cats but iz most likely to die in shelterz. Today iz Black Cat Appreciation Day started by For the Love of Black Cats only a few yeers ago.

I alreddy posted mai black cats poster before, but took a long time of experimenting to make one dat peoples could read on Facebook.

TA-DAAAAAAA! I dids it! Yoo can download and share dis mini poster if yoo wants:

14 Reasons to Love a Black Cat

I reopened da Etsy Shop. I started wif da black cats, cuz wai not! Has to start somewares (and really wat I had in mind waz Halloween coming up….)

Some fings iz marked down az far az $10 now, AND yoo can gets a rearview hanger insted of a necklace, or just pendant if yoo making yoo own necklace. No need to do da messaging back and forth and wate for partial refund. Iz all just clicky!

<3 Loki

Egyptian for Kids: “M” is for “Cat”

“M” is for “Cat”

The Ancient Egyptian word for cat is pronounced mioo with a short i like it, or if you can, a stop like a short hiccup between m and oo. Did you notice how much it sounds like “meow“?

The cat picture is called a determinative. It isn’t a letter, but it helped keep people from getting it confused with other groups of words that might be spelled “mioo“.

Cats were so common that eventually the cat symbol alone became short for mioo.

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Right-click to save or print this coloring page:

Egyptian for Kids Coloring Page: M for Mioo