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Snow Devil

"Snow Devil" Orange Cat Blues Comic

Wherein Loki (dat me!) attempts to make da Snow Angels.


1. Dis a repeat for some of yoo. Others not so much. Dis one of the comics from befoar my website waz hacked.

2. Google is slowly and quietly killing da Feedburner. If yoo is subscribed through Feedburner you should probably change that before it gets worse.

RSS is here: http://notes.orangecatblues.com/wp/feed/

After much research, I haz chosen da MailChimp to replace Feedburner to sends emails. Dey has best reputation foar complying wif da SPAM laws. Also, I lubs da primates! :D I still wurking out da kinks but I probably gonna start next Monday.

Click here to get comics and coupons delivered by MailChimp!

(Be sure to unsubscribe from da Feedburner email so you don’t get doubles on the off chance Feedburner decides to work, MOL!)


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See yooz next time!

<3 Loki