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Note frum Loki about free promo:

Where No Cat Has Gone Before
Where No Cat Has Gone Before

I gived away moar books da first promo day than I expected. Hooray!

I gets 4 moar days to give away free books before da 18th of August (according to Amazon rules). I will do it again after I has sum reviews, whether they good or bad. (IF I has reviews!)

Also according to Amazon rules I can’t gives it away or sell it anywhere else for a long time.

But you can gets free Kindle version if you buys one of da books. There is a Black and White one and a Color one.

<3 Loki

Note from Primate:

The chance I will close my studio on June 16th has gone from around 50% to 99% since I started on that path last November. What I mean by closing the studio is I’ll be moving away from handmade items and swag. I’m no longer taking custom orders on or off Etsy.

I still have piles of unlisted Animinis. Let Loki know on Twitter, Facebook, Google or Etsy if you want me to look for and list (at a discount) a pendant that matches your cat’s colors. I’m not closing the shop but I won’t be making anything new.