Self-publishing Deal

Self-Publishing Cover Deal

 Self-Publishing Licensing Package

I license much of my portfolio for commercial use at, but if you’re independently published you’ll get a better deal by contacting me directly with the name of the piece you want to license either by email or through my cat’s twitter account.

(Worry not, he can speak English instead of LOL  when he chooses.)

The Self-publishing Package is my only Royalty-free option.  At $50 US, payable through Paypal (or even Etsy, if you like), it’s less than a 6th of what a traditional publisher would need to pay for a Rights Managed deal with a 2-year limit for images like this:

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License Use Summary:

For use on covers and in promotional materials of ebooks and books with matching titles.


You may use the Licensed Image as part of a digital publication such as an e-book and a print book with the same title.  The Licensed Image can be used on the cover and/or inside pages of the publication.

This license is restricted to independent, self-published or small press book publishers. It is not to be used for mass market publishing.

This license has no time restriction.  You can use the Licensed Image forever.

You are restricted to using the Licensed Image in only one digital publication, its corresponding physical publication, and promotional materials with text.  For example, You could not use the image in two different e-books, nor could You use the Licensed Image in one e-book and one e-magazine.

Use with reprints and new editions of the same title is allowed. Cropping and other alterations are allowed. Print on demand books are allowed. Use of the final cover design with text can be reproduced in the book’s promotional materials.

A separate license must be purchased for each digital publication that is not a new edition. For example, for use with a new title or collected works.

A separate license must be purchased for use on merchandise for resale even if it is promotional in nature. For example, you can print a poster of the book cover for use at a book signing or to give to libraries and schools, but you cannot sell posters of the book cover without a separate merchandise license, and you cannot offer any part of the Licensed Image, even if edited, for sale to the public on traditional or print-on-demand products.

This License is not a cover design or layout service. The Licensed Image provided is for background use or illustrations and final design and layout for publication is the responsibility of the Licensee.

Once an agreement is reached and the High-Resolution version of the Licensed Image is uploaded for delivery, this agreement is nonrefundable, even if the Licensed Image is not used in the final project of the Licensee.

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