Geek Kids: How to Make a Leprechaun Trap

How to make a Leprechaun Trap:

If you trap a leprechaun he will have had to trade places magically with some of his treasure to escape. Here’s how to get some treasure from the end of the Rainbow the easy way.

Make the Bait

1. Make the bait. Green or gold cookies usually work.

Making the NOMS!
Making the NOMS!

Set the Trap

2. Get a paper cup, recycle a plastic food package or an old gift box, or make a semi-circle out of paper (shown).

Setting the trap!
Setting the trap!

3. Decorate with green and rainbows. (The trap shown was decorated with crayon and stickers and turned into a cone.)

4. Hang from a cupboard handle with string.

5. Put the string across a a small plate and hold it down with gold or green cookies.

6. Wait until morning.

Grab your Treasure!

Grab your treasure!
Grab your treasure!

7. See if you find some treasure under your trap!

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<3 Loki