Fables and Furrytales Update, Plus

Hi, guyz, iz Loki da cat again.

Of course while agonizing over style and paper sizes primate gots a better idea for Fables and Furrytales than da one she outlined a few months ago.

Of course, cuz dat hao it works, rite? Better than getting better idea after starting! Whew!

But nao cartoon frum Sunday in da wrong place on da timeline. So just sos yoo knows we still doing Fables and Furrytales, here a sketch of Pilocchio frum 2006 or so.


I went through phases when I licked all may tummy furs off trying to be a real boy. Maybe dat why I liked wearing shirts. I dunno.

Da Blue Fairy overweight on purpose because dere no reason fairies has to be skinny.

I sure dere a good reason da fairy look like she holding a cigarette instead of a wand but I don’t remember wat it iz nao.

Primate drawed it at work where you couldn’t has paper (dis actually sheet of bioplastic) so prolly someone standing nearby made a request or comment dat funny at da time. Primate never smoked nor thought smoking a good idea so can’t imagine she ever thought dis gonna be final fairy design.

Doesn’t I look good az a real boy?

<3 Loki