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Why the Hardest Part of Starting is Starting

Hi, guyz! Iz Loki da cat!I haz nooz. Well, mebbe not, yoo tell me.

Yoo think yoo iz just gonna tell some stories when yoo start a noo project, den all dis stuff yoo furgets about comes up. Excuse me, stuff yoo pushes from yoo mind comes up!

We just about to start sharing Fables and Furrytales WiPs. Thought da worst part would be finalizing a consistent black and white style. But dat not da real problem. Da real problem iz before yoo begin a project yoo has to see da future!

  • Iz gonna be hardcover?
  • Iz gonna want to make posters inna standard size?
  • Iz gonna sell da originals in a standard frame size?
  • Iz dere gonna be bubbles?
  • Iz ebook gonna be friendly for people wat can’t see.

Here a handy graphic for what I dealing wif nao:

Maddening Print Ratios
Maddening Print Ratios

Started out thinking we would do square pictures and text below. But square iz abnormal size. Standard frame sizes iz 8×10 or 9×12. If we do square will be harder to sell da originals, and unless 8×10 hard to get prints.

8×10 also makes 16×20 poster, a standard size dat both my gallery and swag shop can do well and cheap (I seen dem).

BUT, if we wants to do paperback AND hardcover book (dat da idea) we has to do trade paperback. (Or could do 8.5 x 11 but dat makes an awkward paperback to read.)

Did decide not to think about comic book. Erm. Probably. So close to Trade in ratio.

I think nao we spended da day on it we back to doing squares, but while doing dem we gonna design dem around dis:

Maddening Cutoffs
Maddening Cutoffs

Dis where a square illustrashun gonna get cut off for prints dat not inna book. Prolly gonna do squares on 9×12 and hand-letter text in da bottom or somefing for originals.

Den again, mebbe we doing 8×10!


Still dunno. And furst deadline Monday night! So gonna whip somefing up small and not commit to da style fur awhile.

I can say we not doing comic. We gonna has da text outside da illustrations so ebook can be large-print or text-to-speech wif no problems. Dat all I knows rite nao.

<3 Loki