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Fables and Fairy tales comics series

What Primate Thinking?!

O hai! Iz Loki again. Been talking to some peoples, and animalz, about changing mai schedule of events. I thought I’d show yoo hao I dooz a schedule. In da past I did 3-month at a time but for da last month I been thinking I should go back to Year-At-A-Glance for Year of Da Loki.

(BTW, I had to fiddle wif da contrast to get sum things to show up.)

Project Schedule
Project Schedule

Dis hao your calendar looks on Spatial-Sequence Synesthesia. Primate sees numbers, days and months on a map in hur head, so calendars, clocks and todo apps is very distracting. I’ll try to break dis down.

  • Is four columns of four columns. (OK, duh)
  • Da orange, blue, green and red columns represent space for four projects. Dat way she only doing 4 projects at a time.
  • Each cell is a Monday deadline, since Monday iz da most Easterly Predawn of days but it still dark and Tuesday is da Southeast Sunrise of days so iz a good day to start a project. (I know, I know, sounds crazy but dat what you get wif neurodiversity!)
  • She tries to make sure she never outlining, sketching/writing, inking/sculpting/editing, or finishing/releasing different projects at da same time.
  • 4x a year iz a week break.
  • She makes resolutions in March. Because iz springtime and good time to grow.
  • In May she setting up da studio for summer.
  • In August she doing website changes and other digital cleanups and reboots. Dis usually during Perseid meteor shower for some reazon.
  • In October she setting up da studio for winter.
  • Dere two weeks set aside for expected family visits, but dey just penciled in cuz might move back or forward.
  • Thanksgiving to da Solstice set aside for promos (ugh) and packing and shipping (yay!) (It only goes up to Solstice cuz can’t ship on Crispmouse!)
  • Dat dates on da side iz really only for reference to real calendar in case she need to translate deadline for neurotypical people.

Sooooo, since we gots better idea for Fables and Furrytales, she moved a different sekrit project up. F&F iz gonna take a LOT moar outlining but will be worth it. Iz a good thing dis all in pencil, rite?

Also, we trying to move away frum Etsy. Not cuz of any particular problems wif Etsy, just isn’t repeatable income like da books and posters iz. We still gonna be making Animinis heer and dere! So dis calendar haz a lot more cartoons onnit and a lot less sculpting than in da past.

Speaking of Etsy, Last Chance Animini Hugs Sale ends Feb 9. Dese is discontinued models. After that they is chemistry tests or donated in bulk for a fundraiser, maybe.

<3 Loki

Fables and Furrytales Update, Plus

Hi, guyz, iz Loki da cat again.

Of course while agonizing over style and paper sizes primate gots a better idea for Fables and Furrytales than da one she outlined a few months ago.

Of course, cuz dat hao it works, rite? Better than getting better idea after starting! Whew!

But nao cartoon frum Sunday in da wrong place on da timeline. So just sos yoo knows we still doing Fables and Furrytales, here a sketch of Pilocchio frum 2006 or so.


I went through phases when I licked all may tummy furs off trying to be a real boy. Maybe dat why I liked wearing shirts. I dunno.

Da Blue Fairy overweight on purpose because dere no reason fairies has to be skinny.

I sure dere a good reason da fairy look like she holding a cigarette instead of a wand but I don’t remember wat it iz nao.

Primate drawed it at work where you couldn’t has paper (dis actually sheet of bioplastic) so prolly someone standing nearby made a request or comment dat funny at da time. Primate never smoked nor thought smoking a good idea so can’t imagine she ever thought dis gonna be final fairy design.

Doesn’t I look good az a real boy?

<3 Loki