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Wat Happened on October 1?

Happy Birfday NASA (1958) Disney World (1971) Epcot Center (1982) and Cartoon Network (1992)!

In honor of dis, here a cartoon of me on Mars. ♥ Loki

Also, iz International Day of Older Persons. Dis slideshow on 10 Reasons Older People Need Pets iz dog-centric, but it cover da gist.

October 1 is World Vegetarian Day. Ever think about saving monies and animals and lowering cholesterol by trying vegetarian diet? Yoo don’t has to give up cold turkey. Not rite away. Cooking Light has halpful guidelines and recipes for going meatless one day a week.

If yoo convince a friend to go vegetarian, dey could wins up to $1000 at . Clicky to gets and fill out da pledge cards!

(Unless yoo a kitty.)