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Free One Cat (and my Views on Reviews)

One Cat” will be free for Kindle for 3 days…

… March 6 to March 8, 2015, on Amazon. You don’t need a Kindle to read it, there are free Kindle apps for mobile devices, tablets and desktops in all formats.

Here it is in the US, UK, Australia and Canada. Herein ends the announcement of the free stuff. The rest of this post is me respectfully requesting short, honest reviews.


I detest feeling cheated when I buy a book, and I don’t want anyone who gets one of my books to feel cheated. As such, I ask that you consider taking some time to leave a short review for One Cat. Even one tweet-sized sentence would be fantastic!

Notice I didn’t say, “good review”. I believe in and practice radical honesty. I lead a pretty simple and everything-is-awesome existence, and like everyone else, I’ve been critiqued for decades. If you’re holding off because you don’t want to hurt my feelings over a book that features the death of my cat, you don’t need to worry. This would literally be my reaction:

Five stars= “Whoohoo! I got a review!” :D
One star= “Whoohoo! I got a review!” :D

More reviews are better for everyone;

an abundance of reviews provides a balanced, impartial overview and steers people to the book that’s right for them at that time.

I know there are infamous stories of authors who get depressed or take nasty action over bad reviews out there. I am not one of them. I don’t vote on or reply to my own reviews so you need fear no backlash from me. I’m not going to assume you’re a soulless bully and hunt you down, and I don’t think anyone who loves my books will either. Intelligent people can tell the difference between an honest reviewer and a professional flamer, and Loki seems to attract intelligent people (who may or may not like his books, comics or videos.)

SO, if you think One Cat is too serious for a child,

if you suspect I’m pushing some theist or non-theist or Crazy Cat Lady propaganda you don’t care for, if you think another similar book is better, if there should be words, if you think there should be a warning not to read it if you’ve just lost someone — even if you like the book but it drives you crazy that Gen has no eyes and it would be better with a dog or a human– a short honest review will help readers know what they’re getting into.

The same goes for the early-reader chapter book Where No Cat Has Gone Before (free on Saturday): if you hate the main character’s grammar, if you want to know what’s up with the owl, if the illustrations are too simplistic, if you think Dolch is more effective than Whole Language, even if it was blah and odd and didn’t grab you whatsoever, please be honest for the next person looking.

Thank you in advance,
Pet, Loki and Sagan

Geek Kids: How to Make a Leprechaun Trap

How to make a Leprechaun Trap:

If you trap a leprechaun he will have had to trade places magically with some of his treasure to escape. Here’s how to get some treasure from the end of the Rainbow the easy way.

Make the Bait

1. Make the bait. Green or gold cookies usually work.

Making the NOMS!
Making the NOMS!

Set the Trap

2. Get a paper cup, recycle a plastic food package or an old gift box, or make a semi-circle out of paper (shown).

Setting the trap!
Setting the trap!

3. Decorate with green and rainbows. (The trap shown was decorated with crayon and stickers and turned into a cone.)

4. Hang from a cupboard handle with string.

5. Put the string across a a small plate and hold it down with gold or green cookies.

6. Wait until morning.

Grab your Treasure!

Grab your treasure!
Grab your treasure!

7. See if you find some treasure under your trap!

For More Geek Kids Ideas visit the Lil Primate’s blog,!

<3 Loki