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What the heck is PopClogs?

From the Primate:

Three new projects are coming along.


I am on PopClogs, a place where you list your goals and cheer on others. It’s been invaded by refugees from 43 Things now that they’re closing down, which is a plus because you’ll rarely (never) find such a large group of people with a cheerful, supportive and live-and-let-live attitude on the internet. I strongly recommend giving it a shot if you’re interested in meeting inspiring, welcoming people with goals similar to yours in a low-drama enviroment that suits both extroverts and introverts.

Peek Inside the Primate’s Brain

You might notice one of my goals is, “Empty my Bookmarks into Facebook or Tumblr or GPlus or Something“. That’s one of my next projects so if you want a peek into The Primate’s brain, you can look forward to that for a bit.

Fortune Cookie Art

Now that I’m not doing handmade I needed another art goal, so I added, “Illustrate my fortune cookies“. I don’t actually eat Chinese restaurant food but I’m the one who gets the cookies when my husband does, and sometimes I buy a box at the supermarket for fun. I guess I just like the idea of reading when I eat.

I’ve often considered illustrating the fortunes so I bought a case of 100 from Golden Bowl. I don’t expect they all will be inspiring but you can expect some new Loki one-off comics here and there while I work on the books.

<3 Pet